My System

Hey, fellas. Stock Trading is much easier than it may seem at first.

I trade Stocks only in the USA markets, where liquidity and opportunities are huge. Stock Trading outside USA markets is a big mistake that can cost you a lot of money.

I trade using Fundamental Analysis to choose which companies to buy. I study first if the company is financially healthy.In which sector works, and what are its prospects for the future.

I don’t use Stop-Loss ,as in my experience they have no point other than to make you lose money. I give space and time to the price to move according to my expectations.

I invest a maximum of 2% of my account size in each single trade. That’s why I diversify my portfolio into many companies and sectors, and this is good in the medium-long run.

I  like Swing Trading.I never trade Intraday. Some trades can last a week. Others can be on the market for weeks,even months and rarely invest in some company more than 1-2 years .

This type of Trading is the one that has given me the best result in recent years. I don’t have to be glued to my screens all day and I can combine trading as a hobby with my work and my family.

jose guerra trading

I also buy Options (Long Call and Long Put) on the main USA market stocks using Technical Analysis and Candlestick Patterns. My options trades are up to 10-12 days open and I get an extra income each month. If you have no idea about Options don’t worry, because on my Telegram channel or on my YouTube channel you have a totally free course to be able to trade my Options buying system.

If you subscribe to my Telegram channel “Guerra Trading” you will receive in real time my entry and exit points. With real screenshots of my Tastyworks account so you can see that I trade on a real account and that I’m not BS.

By the way, I trade without paying any commissions. At Tastyworks you don’t pay commissions for Stock Trading, that’s a big plus.

I trade two types of accounts:The first one in the long term with “Blue Chips”Stocks.I mean,companies with a lot of volume in the market. The second account is for Stocks that are cheaper. Depending on your account size you can decide which companies to buy. But both types of strategies are valid whether you have a large account or have a small account. When I send the alerts by Telegram,I specify which type of account I am using.

You should definitely take a look at the alerts I send. By now they are free and you will be surprised by the results.

I hope to see you soon next to me, at Guerra Trading.